A Quick Introduction

Welcome to my new blog, I say new because my main blog which can be located here is still going to be the main place where I’ll be writing about music however I’ve long felt like I’d occasionally like to write in depth about other topics, specifically political, social and economic issues. The reasons for this, was largely based on the the original/seed idea behind my main blog, which was the idea that the best our present had to offer was mainly reinterpretations of the past.

Whilst this originally concerned music, it seemed increasingly important, given the growth of dehumanising and reactionary politics to apply this elsewhere. Around the tail end of 2017 I decided to start writing about housing, not only as a way of exploring some of the existing preconceptions about housing but also as a way to discuss plausible alternatives. This was partly due to my own experiences but partly, because I believed and still do that the UK housing crisis also reflected other worrying trends about the society that I lived in.

The next few entries will be primarily about that. With maybe some other commentary thrown in for good measure. We’ll see.

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