Quick Summary of Current Projects

Just a quick list of things I’m currently working on: Where Will We Live? (Part 4): Part four of my writing on and around the housing crisis, focusing on who are the beneficiaries of the current state of housing. Unconditional Democracy: A partial critique of modern democracy and revisiting the need for democracy in political processes both past and present. Hauntology and the Housing Crisis: Writing on lost futures from the perspective of the home ownership, Thatcherism, neoliberalism will feature heavily.

Looking for Gaia (Part 2)

With the connection between life and the physical environment established, a picture starts to emerge of the effect of human activities on these natural processes. The 2002 Amsterdam Declaration stated the changes wrought by humans in the following terms: “Human activities are significantly influencing Earth’s environment in many ways in addition to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. Anthropogenic changes to Earth’s land surface, oceans, coasts and atmosphere and to biological diversity, the water cycle and biogeochemical cycles are clearly identifiable beyond natural variability. They are equal to some of the great forces of nature in their extent and impact....